Following Chaplin video, I wish to do another video for the appropriation project.

I am really Inspired from the work of Christian Marclay and its video Telephones. It  is an edited video built on footage taken from various movies, each footage is showing a phone.


The first part of the video is based on footage where we can observe people composing a number on their phone, the video then changed towards a series of footage where we can see and hear phones ringing. Following a certain amount of minutes, it then moved to a series of footage where people hang on the phones and having a conversation, finally it ends with footage of people replacing the phone receiver.

As the video description claimed,  we can observe many emotions through the voice and reaction of the different characters from different stories making a new single drama on its own.

leaving the impression that they are all part of one big conversation

I particularly like the evolution of the ‘story’ that we can observe, it is not jut an editing of people on the phone, there is an action with a beginning and an end, which gives a rhythm to the final video as well. We can observe a similar attempt in another video of Christian Marclay named ‘Cross Fire’ which is a short editing of firearm :

My idea is higly inspired from his work, as I wish to make a video which reflect a story based on similar footage taken from movies. Being passionate with movies I had several ideas in mind :

My first idea came to me when I was randomly watching videos on you tube and found a video of a scene from Batman The Dark Knight , from 01:31 to 01:46 we can see that the camera is doing  a circular movement around the actors. I also found that video therefore I though it would be interesting to make a video based on a series of footage with a specific camera movement, which would give the impression that the camera never end similar to a infinite zoom as shown in the following video from the movie limitless. 

Here a video of a tutorial in order to make an infinite zoom effect on Adobe Premiere, It may hep me for this idea.

Following this idea, and the circle movement, it remember me  a movie called Heaven’s Gates directed by Mickael Cimino,  taking place in a America in the end of the 19 th Century, there are a a lot of circle in this movie, referring to the cycle of life, the repetition of the conflict inspired as described in a Marxism ideology.

We can observe the circle in the following scene :

There are also a lot of circle in movie such as The space Odyssey :

or either from the film pyscho, from [02:49] where we observe the shower drain

From these examples, we can see the strength of geometrical form in the composition of an image. I am again inspired from the work of Marclay therefore this  second idea would be about making an editing based on circle in movies and their dramatic impact, in other words I aim to answer that question : Is there a dram in geometrical form as well ? Can we feel as much emotion  as when we watched a series of characters answering a phone, like in Marclay’s video ?  I am not sure if there is an interesting result in this idea, but I believe that there are in interesting experimentation.

Finally, looking at Heaven’s gates made me think about his other movie ‘deer hunter‘ which is the story of friends leaving for the Vietnam war before being captured.In this movie there are along marriage scene, most of the character of joyful, while other seemed to feel the dram which will come forward in the following war when the band of friends will suffer from their imprisonment.

There are such similar scene in other movies where wedding is not only a joyful moment as most comedies  but there are also a moment of grace or announcement of the future tragedy, the calm before the storm.

Godfather I : First major scene in the movie, one of the rare moment of joy in the whole trilogy of the Godfather :

There are also a similar scene  in the Godfellas :

Different from a marriage, Fasten is a pure dram taking place in a moment of festivity between family and closed connections, the whole drama is turning about the hard childhood of the main character but also a look at whole characters sins and complexity within  family.

From these videos,  I am interested of doing a editing which reflect the evolution of dram among private events, such as we experience in our own family time, diner, when close family and friends open their emotions and  let their conflict explodes in moment that aim to be joyful. Following Marclay’s rhythm, it should be edited in a chronological way, with the arrival of the guest, the dinner party, the first alcohol drinking, following by  the explosions of emotions and finally an end where conflict are resolved or, if it does not, open a new drama in the story.

Finally, my last idea inspired from Marclay’s work is based on a series of footage from inside car scene we spend a lot of time in car in our lifetime, it is a space where a lot can happen but also one of the rare moment where we are on our own in the outside world.  Therefore it is the occasion for being our self, also it can be a moment of intimacy between friends, lovers  and also of way of conversation. There is a unique style life in a car, we do not treat with people in the same way, the physical approach does not have the same impact as when we are standing up, facing each other.


I have done a first playlist, on you tube, where I collected as much material as I can, here again I wish to edit my video in a evolutive drama way :












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